A house in Provence

At the beginning of the twentieth century, women of all generations used to do the laundry with Marseille soap containing olive oil and a few drops of lavender oil. Inside dark walnut cupboard, neatly pilled linen had a long lasting smell of clean and fresh lavender.

The household linen is inspired by the authentic tradition of block printed fabrics giving the famous provençal design, provencal quilted ‘Boutis’and embroidered linen , ribbons and typical shawls.

The Provencal fabrics designs are inspired by local flora : olive trees , lavender , vines and grapes, not to mention ... the cicada!

The tablecloth provide typical , warm and sunny ambiance, just as the spirit of a shared meal in the shade of a covered terrace in the summer time or at the traditional and joyful Christmas dinner with 13 desserts ...